The Marketing Mega Traits That make BrandXpand the only Partner you'll Ever Need

We Are Dedicated To Your Success, Let Our Experts Optimize Your Marketing Strategy & Your Bottom Line

We treat our customers marketing budgets the same way we’ve treated our own campaigns over the years. When a Marketing Agencies pricing is based on your Advertising Spend the focus becomes increasing spend, sadly the bottom line gets forgotten all too often.  These unscrupulous companies will glaze over agreements favoring themselves completely while attempting to lock you in to expensive, lengthy, and overly restrictive terms.  We all know these “Agencies”, most of us have experienced this disservice first hand.  While we would love to offer guaranteed success with our services, our lawyers insist we remain rational.

We Gladly Offer Each Of Our Customers 5 Guarantees:

Guarantee 1: Never Spend Money We Wouldn't Spend Ourselves
We never ask our customers to spend a penny that we wouldn't spend ourselves.
Guarantee 2: Consistent Communication And Total Transparency.
Our clients are 100% in control of every decision made and will never be asked for blind faith. We have found that a mutual understanding of our entire process virtually eliminates misunderstandings, speeds up time to implementation by 23% on average, and ensures our Customers stay with us year after year, WITHOUT long term contracts.
Guarantee 3: Short, Understandable Service Agreements
We strive to maintain transparency. We do the work we promise and we keep our contracts easy to understand.
Guarantee 4: Customized Service, Customized Price.
Each service is completely customized to fit your needs and budget. We believe no two clients are identical and deserve the most customized solution possible!
Guarantee 5: Blood, Sweat And Tears.
It took Blood, Sweat, Tears, Dedication and Focus to grow your business. From the day you decide to work with us, we will fight just as hard for your success and growth. We dedicate ourselves to knowing every detail of our customers businesses because your success is our success.

Our Approach

Our Approach is as unique as our customers and their businesses needs, we have never had 2 customers with identical needs (no matter how hard we search).  This is why you won’t find a pricing page with tiers, upsells or comparison charts that don’t perfectly meet your needs.  Each service we offer begins with a consultation, some receive one or more follow ups, others receive a scope and price within a few minutes.  We make sure we understand exactly what your expectations are, and that you also understand any details that could impact those expectations before any deposit is paid or agreement signed.  We believe it is our job to earn our customers business, how can we earn yours?

Our Values

Client Focus

We believe that it is essential to always put our clients first and understand their needs in order to provide the best possible service. By focusing on our clients, we are able to create long-lasting relationships and deliver work that exceeds their expectations.


When people know that they can trust you to do what you say you will do, they are more likely to work with you, do business with you, and refer others to you. Integrity also promotes honesty and accountability, which are essential in every business relationship.


Excellence is key to success in any field. It allows an organization to optimize its operations and deliver the best possible product or service to its customers. Our commitment to excellence is what sets BrandXpand apart from every other Digital Marketing and Branding Agency you'll find.

Your Marketing Strategy Is Begging To Be Optimized!

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